Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Being a Pack Leader

            I like a simple life.   I have one dog, one kid, one husband.  I’ve often wished that I had one focus for my creativity.  I see so many of my fellow artists and writers stick to their pursuits with such single mindedness I can only dream about.  I’ve often questioned why I  have a studio cramped with a sewing section, a clay section, a bookmaking section and a painting section.  I’ve wondered why, on some days, my abilities are illusive, my priorities unclear.  Well, I’ve finally realized that I have been blessed with a multitude of muses.  I finally have accepted my “jack of all trades” approach to creativity isn’t the work of one wacky muse.  I’ve got a bunch!  I just need to step up and be a good leader to them all.  I’m starting to listen to those creative partners.  Ignoring one’s desire for attention over another, gets my head spinning.  Not allowing the right creative spirit to be in the lead wastes away my day as I force the work, when I should be flowing with it.  

              Cesar Milan says, we should be the pack leader with our pets. I say that applies to my pack of creative partners as well.  My multitude of muses, have been stuck in the wrong order.  I have not been the best leader.  I have tried to control the outcome without listening to the needs of my pack. If my muses and I were a sled team, many days I've placed the wrong dog in the lead and we've ended up with disastrous drawings or wretched writing.   Art was created, but it was slow going and anything but good. 

          I vow to my pack, from now on, I will send up the right partner to whisk us down the trail of creative bliss. Hike!