Wednesday, May 24, 2017

An Instagram Virtual Art Show

      I always enjoy the camaraderie of other creatives. It's more fun trying new avenues of promotion as a team, then going it alone.  My art group, 818 CREATES,  thought we should  better utilize Instagram as a marketing tool for our art. So we  came up with having a Virtual Art Show. The plan is this:

     1 Come up with a theme for our show. Our first show started with SUMMER, we've stayed with each theme for three months. Now we're on our second month of WINTER

      2. Create a unique hashtag for our "gallery" where we'll "hang" our work #818CreatesWinter
     3. Create a unique hashtag for our group ~ to pool our ongoing work in #818Creates
     4.  Schedule our "opening." We chose three dates to post with this theme. And we'll send an invite out for each.
       5. Create an invite to promote via Twitter, Facebook and good ol' email. Ask for likes and comments.  This will help to get feedback for future work/shows.
      6. Post work at designated date/time with the two #'s, then add 6-7 more hashtags pertaining to work
  7. Include a link back to our commerce sites in our description in post

       I love the direct feedback I get when participating in a gallery shows. This virtual show allows for that and gives us the opportunity gain new fans, friends and followers from around the world with our "opening." The only thing missing is providing the wine and cheese.

      It's great way to become more familiar with Instagram.  I'm really looking forward to seeing how this will grow our presence and followers and customers! 

     >'y'<  Kat McD Instagram