Monday, March 12, 2012

Joy Ride

        Take a joy ride with your muse. Say, “Yes!”  Accept the invitation.  Give over complete control and no back seat driving. Let her take you to a new landscape, new diner, or new town. See it through the eyes of a stray dog or your grandmother.  You can say yes without guilt. It’s necessary for you and your art. Don’t wait until your blocked to finally pick up your head and look around for inspiration.  Make time each day, each week to enjoy this friendship with her. She’ll nourish your creativity helping you over little speed bumps before they become impassable mountain roads.  Once you’ve opened yourself up to her influence, you’ll know she’s not keeping you from working. Instead, she’s showing you that play is part of the work.   
         A little play-date with our muse can keep our inner child from being bored to frustration.  It might be a short detour into your backyard to pick some flowers to draw, writing and chanting silly mantras or making a list of five things to be grateful for. Or whether it’s a time spent at a messing around with a new medium or sketching dogs at the local shelter.   She’ll lead you right back to your easel inspired and eager to create.

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