Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Perspective

       After a few years with our lovely dog Bixby we had settled into a happy zone of, I know what to expect of you and you know what to expect of me. He was past his destructive phase, except for an occasional shoe. He couldn't be bothered running away if given the chance. And he slept most days away.
       Say hello to my fresh perspective, Frankie. Before we brought this new dog home, our house needed a good once over. I got down to a thirteen inch point of view, so as not to overlook any potential vet visits or escape routes.  A To Do list much longer than expected emerged.
     Looking at my home from a foot off the floor exposed a world of cracks, cleaning, and caulking that I would have blissfully stayed ignorant of, but now begged for correction. The house is grateful for this fresh look, even if I am not.
    I began to wonder if my illustration portfolio needed such an inspection. Getting a new perspective of my work, my be the answer to my ho hum feelings about promoting it.  After careful scrutiny, I've decided my portfolio needs a complete demo and remodel from paper to paint.  Not sure yet if I should be thanking this pint muse yet.

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