Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Spooky Sketch

4 x 4 Spooky Sketch Challenge by kat mcd. 2014
Took part in my friend, Joan Charles', 4x4 halloween sketch challenge. (see more at http://illustrationmatters.blogspot.com )  Thought this came out creepy and cute at the same time. I guess I'd describe most clowns that way.  Love doing challenges like this one. Gets my creative juices flowing. Gets me focused. Gets a finished sketch that might become a full illustration out of me with out tears and gnashing of teeth.

At the Los Angeles Westsider's Illustration Schmooze, our leader Suzy, came up with "baby steps." Tiny goals that you can complete before the next meeting.  One of the great ideas that has come out of this is her, doodle a day challenge. For those beginning their drawing career or veterans, it's a wonderful warm up, without needing to plan out where it's going. I usually think way too much before I pick up a pencil.

So try out an existing challenge or create your own. I dare you...Happy sketching!

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