Monday, February 8, 2016

Organize Your Ideas

     We had a great January Westsider's SCBWI Schmooze/Mingle/Schmingle meeting to start out the new year. We discussed goals for the year and beyond.  How do you keep track of your short term/long term goals and new ideas?   Thanks to our Schmingle coordinator, Suzy Engelman Block, who gave us the simple idea of using a folder and some post-its keep us on track.  

     Post-its are great for rearranging priorities, for adding and subtracting from your idea/goal folder.  As soon as I open my folder, I see the art and writing projects I want to tackle first or remember a promotional idea, etc.  There are so many colors and style of Post-it's, you'll easily be able to find what works for you.  

If you’re like me , you have these items in your studio already or can use whatcha got on hand to do the job.  Get as fancy as you like, or keep it simple.  Here is how I made mine.   

I used:
Poster board
Vellum – enough for four pages.
Linen book binding tape, but duct tape or artist’s white tape will do.
Clear Con-Tact shelf liner for my cover ( I use this for everything. Even covering my studio table.) It’s easy to remove (NOT FROM PAINTED WOOD) and replace when it gets dirty.
Label maker
Post-its of various sizes and colors

1, Cut two pieces of poster board for front and back cover
2. Cut one piece of poster board for center “page.” 1/8” smaller in the width
3. Tape the front cover to the center page with book binding tape.
4. Tape the back cover to the center page with book binding tape
            This will give you a folder four pages.

5. Decorate your cover.  Collage works great.
6. Cover with clear Con-Tact (this is easier than you think and makes it easy to wipe clean)
         Cut Con-Tact slightly larger than folder when opened. Lay Con-Tact out and set folder on it.                Smooth with a credit card or fingers. It’s easy to reposition.
7. Cut 4 pieces vellum slightly smaller than your cover and pages.
8. Hinge tape them to the top of each cover/page.

9. Create labels to name your pages.

            My folder is organized: with Art/Writing/Promo for three of the pages with a fourth page for                      “FUN” misc art projects.
            Each of my four pages includes: a NOW sheet of vellum and and LATER page on the poster board under the vellum. Post-its are easy to transfer,add or remove.  I find this set up easiest for me to “see” in an instant what’s I need to work on. It’s also super simple to add your ideas to the "later" pages.  All your idea & goals in one place!

Happy Goal Setting and Organizing!

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