Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Video Game For Me? Never Alone.

   Well crafted characters, beautiful artwork and an intriguing story make up a perfect book for me.  In some instances,  they even exist in the video games my son plays.  He knows the  only way to get me to consider a purchase, or to watch him play, is to sell those aspects of the game to me.   Have to say, it will keep me interested for at least a few minutes.  So, while I am no video game aficionado, I am going to recommend one to you.
     While binge watching/listening to The New Yorker Presents, (seriously addictive)  in my studio, I perked up when a story came on about a video game called Never Alone.  http://www.newyorker.com/tech/elements/never-alone-video-game-help-preserve-inuit-culture
     Developed by the Cook Inlet Tribal Council of Alaska and E Line Media, to keep Inupiat's rich story telling, language and history alive and relevant.  The artwork that inspired the game, along with the melodic language is almost meditative.  It's storyline imparts the important message, that we all are in this together.  A universal truth quite evident in the harsh environment of Alaska, but one that would serve all of us to remember.   I may have to take up gaming, or, at the very least  own this so that I can explore the beautiful universe and traditions of the Inupiat people.  My son better watch out, I may be beating him at a video game yet.
Check it out for yourself. http://neveralonegame.com/

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